Oh Catholicism.

January 11, 2009 at 5:16 pm (Feminism, LGBT, Religion)

 Queen Emily at Questioning Transphobia has an awesome theological critique of the Pope’s address against “gender theories”. I added the following comment:

To add another theological critique of the Pope’s words, look at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (read: transgendered) in Acts 8: 26-39. In Deuteronomy 23 it clearly states that eunuchs cannot enter the “assembly of the Lord”. But post-Jesus (who came pretty much to do away with religion and dogma and open up God’s love to everyone ever), the evangelist Philip is like “F*** Deuteronomy” and baptizes him anyway. Yey Philip!

I see conservative Christians who have a problem with gender theories etc as just as silly as those who deny evolution because they take Genesis as a literal scientific narrative. *Science* will tell you gender isn’t binary. *Science* will tell you some people have a divergence between their body’s sex and their brain’s gender. *Science* will tell you ‘men’ and ‘women’ do not fit into tiny little boxes with fixed characteristics. *Science* will tell you intersex people exist. It’s not some figment of their imagination caused by their rebellion against God. Like, hello.

Oh, and by that token, *science* will tell you that sex is not inherently for procreation *cough*clitoris*cough*…

 I am a recovering Catholic myself, having been almost put off the idea of God by the Catholic Church – I’ve never gained anything from going to Church, it’s rarely challenged me or helped me grow as a Christian. Having at this point experienced Churches where you’re encouraged to think and grow and transform, I can safely say that the Catholic Church has missed the point. It’s entirely souless. In the Christian tradition, sin is not defined predominantly as rule-breaking, but as anything that blocks or leads people away from God. Which is exactly what dogmatic traditions do. Would it not be fair then to say that the Catholic Church borders on sinful?

 Or maybe I’ve just been reading too much Peter Rollins lately…


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