Knocked Up

July 7, 2007 at 10:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ll happily admit that if I see a feminist review somewhere about a film or book or whatever, I try to seek out the film/book/whatever in question so that I can read that review and know what it’s talking about. Two recent examples are Knocked Up (a film) and We Need to Talk About Kevin.

I’m not going to talk at length about either of them, just jot a few points down (if yr wondering why I’ve been neglecting such a new blog, it’s cos I’ve just moved to Massachusetts from Northern Ireland and have no internet access except in one-hour spurts at the library which, I’m sure you can imagine, are spent catching up with friends etc).  

There’s a review of Kevin up at The F Word (it’s been there for ages, I’m only getting around to reading it now).  I’m in the middle of reading it and so far it’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. – and that’s just in a literary sense. It’s political message is just as worthy. Now, I’m someone who has always wanted kids so I can understand people who don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t, particularly given our society’s PROCREATE OR YOU SUCK! ideals. This book gets you very far inside the head of someone who doesn’t want kids but goes along with it for the sake of compliance, with disastrous consequences. The book’s central message? Don’t have kids just cos you feel you should, only if you genuinely want them. Perfect.

 I’ve seen numerous reviews of Knocked Up pop up around the feminist blogosphere and couldn’t wait to see it as such. I finally got to see it the other day and I loved it. A few points quickly:

– I think it’s great that they showed unmarried parenthood as not a big deal, and showed that sometimes married life is not all it’s cracked up to be.

– I also think it’s great that they showed a crowning vagina.

– However: why was the vag in the crowning shot completely hairless? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone down on enough girls to get why some people wax their pubes – I do it myself from time to time. But why would anyone care about that when their 9 months pregnant? Gutless.


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  1. April said,

    If you’re interested, my whole blog is about critiquing pop media. 😀

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