Bad feminist?

June 21, 2007 at 9:00 pm (Feminism, Pop Culture)

A few things that make me a “bad feminist”:

– I love pink stuff.Every time I read one of those articles bemoaning the fact that everything is turned pink, I secretly think “how cool!”

– I rarely leave the house without makeup

– I would LOVE to take a pole dancing class

So shoot me.



  1. Anna said,

    Who says there can’t be contradictions in life? I personally loathe pink – not too crazy about yellow either. These things don’t make me a feminist – just fussy! Make-up? I’m not smart enough to know how to apply it. As for the last item, well . . .

  2. bk2nocal said,

    I’d like to think that feminism is a little more complex than the colors we like or the clothes we wear or the make-up we wear or don’t wear, etc. I think you should embrace the things that make you feel powerful. If that means make-up – wear it! We all feel better when we like the way we look. Now, if it means you’re spending 3 hours putting on makeup so you look like someone in a magazine, than that might be problematic. Or if you like pink stuff for the sole reason that it means your more girly than someone else (versus you just think pink is a cool color) than that might be problematic.
    Personally, my favorite magazine is Pink Magazine. I just read a comment on another blog from the woman who runs chickonomics – and she thinks “chick” is a cool word. So, I think a truly empowered feminist can embrace differences between women and even celebrate them! So, I say wear pink and makeup to your pole dancing class and ENJOY!

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