April 28, 2007 at 3:12 pm (Random Musings of the Ginja Ninja, Uncategorized)

Come on in and make yrself a wee cuppa tea. This is a brand new feminist blog so I thought perhaps I should introduce myself. I started toying with the idea of starting up my very own feminist blog about three hours ago, literally. I have a mountain of coursework to hand in in a few days time that I really should be doing right now and I am forever trying to come up with new ways to procrastinate about actually doing it, so here I am with my new putting-things-off toy.

In all seriousness though, I wanted to start a blog because I have many thoughts and opinions about the state of the world that I don’t really get the chance to share with the world (I have very few feminist friends; moreover, very few of my friends are political in any way at all so I have nobody to discuss things with). I’ve been getting more and more involved with the blogosphere recently (delurking in some of my favourite blogs such as Feministing or Pandagon etc) and it’s been very cool to actually get the chance to voice my opinion on things that matter to me in a way that I don’t get to do in everyday life.

I’m a student living away from home, in my second year studying Film and French, and since starting uni I feel I have become depoliticised to a certain extent, partly because my friends over here are less politically aware than my friends at home and partly because I have ceased to do stuff such as discuss my ideas on political forums (such as the afterellen.com forums where I developed many of my opinions on queer issues). I wanted to get back into writing about and discussing my thoughts on the world, perhaps developing my views and my writing skills in the process as well. Most of all, I want a place where I can vent my frustration at the world.

My short-term goals for this blog are threefold:
1) I’d like a post of mine to be included in a Carnival of Feminists
2) I’d like to build asmall but dedicated fanbase
3) I’ll know I’ve made it when I’ve got my very own troll, so I’d like some abusive emails from misogynistic assholes!

What am I likely to blog about? I’m a feminist, so I hope to work on refining and defining my idea of feminism. I’m a pop-culture whore (and, as I say, currently majoring in film) so expect musings on pop culture stuff (including film reviews!) from a feminist point-of-view. Being bisexual (and from a homophobic religious background) I will probably natter about queer issues quite a bit too.

What else can I say about myself? I’m quite young (as in, fall just short of the “twentysomething” category), I’m from Northern Ireland but currently residing in South-East England, I am the oldest of three kids and come from a very close-knit family. I’m a very happy person about 90% of the time and have been pretty lucky in my life so far, but this happiness is tempered by the realisation that I am privileged in many ways insofar as I am white and middle-class. My main interests are film (duh) and music and someday I hope to combine the two by becoming a music video director like Sophie Muller or Michel Gondry (don’t know who they are? YouTube!)

Oh, and I’m a natural redhead, hence the name…


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